“Using the wrong DIY Spray Foam Insulation could quickly result in a nightmare. Deciding the right product to use within your home is critical. You do NOT want to get stuck cleaning up a defective product.”

– SomethingToStay.com


Every house has some parts in it that are difficult to insulate. The insulation itself is a daunting job unless you use the best material in the market. When it comes to insulation, you will not find any insulation method better than a spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is becoming increasingly popular these days because of its unique property of filling all the crannies and nooks within your walls. Spray Foam is ideal for all kinds of cavities and crevices, even if unusually shaped.

However, for new consumers looking to insulate their buildings, the problem is deciding which of the many different brands of DIY spray foam insulation available in the market is the best. If you are planning to insulate your home, then you need to first go through in-depth research and then come up with the best spray foam insulation out there. Today, we will help you in choosing the best spray foam insulation options that are available in the market. Read this post till the end if you want to pick the best foam for your project.

A display of a successful DIY spray foamed attic
Spray Foam Insulated Attic

Gear Professionals Recommend Using While Insulating Your Home:

As any good DIY consumer knows, safety and preparation are vital to finishing a project with excellent results. Insulating any building is no different. We have compiled a list of gear we found will help ensure you can safely and efficiently finish such a rewarding project!

1. Drop cloths

Drop cloths are a must if you are working in any place with floors you wish to protect from damage. Even though the kits we reviewed are of high quality, we found that now and then, the foam would dribble out from the nozzle and onto the ground. 

2. Respirator

Chances are you will be in an enclosed building with poor ventilation when spraying foam insulation. Investing in a proper respirator is not only a recommendation, but we consider it a necessity. While spray foam has excellent benefits, health should not be compromised. The fumes emitted from all the kits we reviewed are incredibly toxic, especially if inhaled for extended periods in a poorly ventilated zone.

3. Goggles (not safety glasses) 

Instead of safety glasses, we found that a pair of goggles was the better choice. We recommend goggles over safety glasses for the times we were insulating any surface overhead. To prevent frustration, choose a pair of goggles comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods.

4. Full Tyvek Suit w/ Hood

We recommend full-body protection. A Tyvek suit with a hood provides the necessary protection from the toxic spray foam that could potentially stick to your clothes or skin.

5. Tyvek Shoe Covers

Just as we recommend protecting your clothes and skin with a full suit, we also suggest purchasing a pair of Tyvek shoe covers to protect your shoes. If not, wearing a pair of old shoes dedicated to jobs like these would also be perfect.

6. Nitrile Gloves

Finally, to cover the last exposed part of your body, we found that nitrile gloves did just the trick. Be sure to get a box of nitrile gloves that come pre-powdered to avoid frustration when trying to slide your hand into them after sweating.

Helpful Tips and Tricks to Save You Time

Just like starting any activity for the first time, you will be unfamiliar with the tips and tricks that will save you time. These are the helpful hints that make the professionals great at what they do!

  • It is essential to read the instructions included within the kit you purchase to ensure the spray foam is being applied correctly. Spraying foam without following the provided instructions could result in a poorly implemented layer of spray foam, which will likely pull away from the material you applied it too.
  • You will want to prepare the area in which you are spray foaming thoroughly. Removing old insulation, debris, and even cobwebs may seem like an impossible task, especially if the area is significant; however, it is a necessity. To ensure the spray foam applied sticks to the surface you wish to insulate, removing any foreign debris is a must. We found that by removing the large particles, any left-over smaller particles could be picked up with a vacuum. This combination prepared the area nicely. 
  • Before starting to foam your area, shake the bottle for at least 60 seconds. This prepares the mixture within the canister and ensures you receive the most value from your investment. We also recommend periodically shaking the canister in-between spraying. 
  • Most kits require the tank of spray foam to be at a specific temperature range. Please consult with the instruction manual to double-check. However, whatever temperature range your tank recommends to be within can be reached by placing it in a tub filled with hot water.
  • One fact often overlooked is that wholesale size spray foam canisters are very heavy. If possible, we suggest using smaller canisters of foam instead of larger ones to ensure more comfortable handling and less frustration. However, if the economic benefit of using a larger canister is too great, you could use a rolling cart to move the canister around. However, if you are working in an area that doesn’t allow such movement, we highly suggest considering the use of smaller size spray foam insulation bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference Between Closed Cell and Open Cell Insulation?

Besides the cost difference between closed cell and open cell insulation, the closed-cell provides a higher insulation value per each inch of thickness applied. The closed-cell also functions as a vapor barrier after applying the product-specific thickness specified within the kit’s instructions. Open-cell insulation consists of tiny open cells. This produces a lower resistance to heat loss through the insulation. 

Insulation Value and Thickness?

Depending on the different kit you received, the insulation value per each inch of thickness will vary. However, the insulation value of spray foam insulation, especially closed-cell, will be much higher than that of traditional fiberglass insulation.

Need a Vapor Barrier?

Misusing a vapor barrier can lead to problems dealing with moisture. When spraying open-cell foam insulation, we recommend a vapor barrier. Using a vapor barrier is dependent on the location of where you will be spray foaming. We highly recommend consulting this useful guide before considering a DIY spray foam insulation kit: View Detailed Instructions on Spray Foam Insulations

Problems to Consider When Retrofitting A House with Spray Foam Insulation?

If you find yourself retrofitting a house with spray foam insulation, consider the following information. A dehumidifier might be a necessity after replacing insulation with spray foam because now your current HVAC system would be regarded as oversized for your conditioned space. Your attic may also experience high humidity levels now as you effectively transform your attic to a conditioned space now with no return airflow. Your attic will be cooler, and in environments where high humidity is a problem, you could experience issues with moisture.

You may ask, “Well, the closed-cell insulation I want to install is a vapor barrier that will stop moisture from coming into the house.” Correct. However, when certain activities such as cooking and taking a hot shower introduce moisture into your house, you cannot depend on your oversized HVAC system to remove all moisture from your home. Instead, a dehumidifier would solve this problem.

Order More Square Footage Than Necessary.

To complete a more tremendous job, order more square footage of the product to offset the spray foam that falls to the ground from the nozzle. We found that ordering 25% more square footage of the product worked well. 

For more information about spray foaming your house beyond the scope of this guide, we highly recommend consulting these instructions about properly installing spray foam insulation: 

View Detailed Instructions on Spray Foam Insulations


Without wasting any time, let’s jump right into the top seven spray foam insulation options that you can purchase today.

Foam It Green 602 Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Kit:

It consists of a green foam that creeps into the crevices and cracks of your walls and seals them tight without leaving any space. It is easy to apply and quick to use if you follow the instructions and stick to them. The green foam becomes dense and dries up quickly, which makes it ideal. This spray foam insulation kit can cover an area of up to 602 square feet and a density of up to 1 inch. For your convenience, this kit comes in two different forms. One is for 200 square feet and the other one for 600 square feet. It is a closed-cell foam and consists of anti-fungal and anti-mold properties. It also falls under the category of I E-84, which meets the building code requirements for fire-retardant foam.

The kit comes with an instructional manual, which makes it further accessible and easy to use. Thus, it is an excellent insulation kit for anyone who loves to be creative and doesn’t need the help of a professional. Furthermore, the company also provides 24 hours of customer support. The insulation foam also has sound dampening properties, and that is why it is ideal to use for the application where you want to resolve the issues of sound volume.

Foam It Green 602 Closed Cell Spray Foam





  • R-Value of 7 in just 1 inch
  • 100% warranted against manufacturer defects
  • Covers 602 square feet
  • Turns light green in color when ready


  • Heavy ; weighs 120 lbs
  • Customer service is undependable at times

Tiger Foam E-84 Fast Rise Spray Foam Insulation Kit:

The next spray foam insulation kit in our list is the “Tiger Foam Fast Rise Spray Foam Insulation.” This spray foam insulation is another compelling and affordable option in this category.

This closed-cell spray foam comes with an R-value of 6 per inch of thickness. The kit also covers around 600 square feet.

Tiger foam kit comes with a 15 foot hose assembly, a spray gun, three fan, and five conical nozzle tips and includes a detailed instruction manual in it. Thus, it can be a fantastic DIY spray foam insulation for the DIYers out there.

Another amazing property of this kit is that it also comes under the class I E-84, which means that it is also a fire retardant and is extremely safe to use inside your homes. Moreover, it doesn’t take much time to cure.

Tiger Foam E-84 Fast Rise Spray Foam Insulation Kit





  • Packaging, delivery system, and components were designed to be user and environmentally friendly
  • ASTM E-84 fire rated
  • Closed-Cell Spray Foam


  • Lower insulation value than competitors at R-6 per inch thickness

Touch ‘n Seal 600 Complete Spray Foam Insulation Kit:

Touch ‘n Seal closed cell spray foam insulation kit is another excellent option that comes in the form of a complete insulation kit. This kit also comes with coverage of up to 600 square feet. It contains clear and detailed instructions so that the DIYers can use it easily. This kit included connection hoses that are color-coded. It is also fire retardant and meets all the standards of building codes. Furthermore, this insulation kit is also compatible with many fiber insulation systems.

The unique feature of this spray is that when sprayed, it expands and fills in the gaps so that there is no space left for the release of air. This property can help to reduce the cooling and heating bills. The foam expands to up to 30 times its original size. The R-value of this spray foam insulation is 5.48, and it allows a constant flow of foam. The insulation spray is also resistant to mold, fungi, and mildew and dries up in less than a minute. However, it is essential to note that while the insulation is resistant to mold, the space between the insulation and the surface is not. It is vital to ensure a properly sealed area.

Each kit of “Touch ‘n Seal” comes with two foam tanks and an advanced anti-crossover gun. This spray contains pre-connected hoses, two fan, and ten conical nozzles and chemical resistant gloves. Moreover, it has everything that you need to complete your insulation task successfully.

Touch 'n Seal 600 Complete Spray Foam Insulation Kit





  • Kit provides more spray nozzles than competitors
  • Easy to follow instructions provided
  • Fire retardant (FR) formula for added safety


  • Lower insulation value per inch thickness than competitors. Insulation value of R5.48 per inch of thickness

Fomo Products Inc. Two-Component Kit 205:

The next product on our list is “Fomo Products Incorporated Two-Component Kit 205” that can seal up your area completely. This closed-cell foam can expand up to a ratio of 5:1, which is not as high as competitors. However, we found that this product still was beneficial for filling up the cracks and allowing the required air to escape. This insulation foam has the property of bonding up with metal, concrete, brick, plastic, and wood and can settle in any place within 60 seconds. Moreover, it also will fully cure within 1 hour after it is applied.

This spray foam insulation kit consists of a 10-foot hose, three fan nozzles, and 5 cone nozzles. It covers an area of up to 205 square feet, which is high as compared to other kits in the same price range. Here, it is essential to keep in mind that you must wear a specialized painter’s outfit. If you don’t have that, you can cover your clothes with another layer along with a face mask. This spray foam insulation also contains detailed instructions, and it is made in the USA.

Fomo Products Inc. Two-Component Kits 205





  • High insulation value of R7 per inch of thickness
  • Tack-free in 60 seconds; cuttable within 2-5 minutes; fully cured within one hour
  • Meets ASTM E-84 Class 1 testing for flame resistance


  • Product comes in smaller quantities than competitor's offer

Dow Froth Pak 650:

This one is another popular spray foam insulation kit that consists of closed-cell insulation. It provides a high-level of insulation that comes from an easy to use kit. This kit is not only comfortable to use and install, but it is also different from other kits in many ways. You don’t even need any professional help if you choose to use this kit for your home or office.

Every kit of DOW Froth-Pak consists of an isocyanate tank, a spray gun, a polyol tank, a pack of petroleum jelly, and a hose assembly. The contents of the DOW Froth-Pak kit are helpful in tackling the job of your spray foam insulation.

This spray foam insulation kit also fits under the category of a Class A fire retardant. Furthermore, it is chemically cured, and that is why the drying period of this foam is quicker compared to other closed-cell foams.

You will be amazed to know that the Dow Froth Pak dries up in less than 30 seconds, and the curing time is less than a minute. This spray foam provides coverage of up to 650 square feet at a thickness of 1 inch. It is one of the most trusted brands out there that deliver remarkable and impressive value. This kit also has the power of tackling more coverage areas as compared to its competitors. This property makes it the most economical choice than many other brands in the market. Thus, it can be the best option for the DIYers out there.

Dow Froth Pak 650


Our Final Score:



  • Well written instructions
  • High insulation value of R6.5 per 1 inch of thickness
  • Kit can be restarted/reused for up to 30 days after first using


  • Kit could have included more nozzle tips

Handi-Foam Spray Foam Kit II-205:

The next product on our list is “Handi-Foam.” This product is cheaper than the rest, but it is highly effective. It comes with eight nozzles. These nozzles allow the foam to be applied in different stages rather than using it all in one go. Some restrictions need to be considered when it comes to applying this foam. The most important among them is the temperature restriction. You need to be very careful while using this foam. It shouldn’t be used in an environment where the temperature is less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit or more than 120. However, this application temperature is more forgiving than other competitors who recommend no more or less than an 80 degrees Fahrenheit surface temperature.

This spray foam consists of Polyurethane that has a higher insulation value when compared to fiberglass and other cellulose insulation sprays. It also dries up quickly and becomes dense and hard. The kit comes with instructions on how to use it correctly. Included in this kit is everything you need to know about the installation and usage of this spray foam. We strongly recommend you go through the instruction manual carefully before using the spray foam and contact their customer support for further questions.

Handi-Foam Spray Foam Kit II-205





  • Larger application temperature range than competitors.
  • Due to less contents, the size and weight allows applications in tighter areas.


  • Less square foot coverage than competitors