Cozy Calming Bed for Dogs

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Finally a dog bed proven to relieve stress. That’s PAWFECT!

Introducing a premium bed for dogs designed to make anxiety take a hike! From the materials used to the wall height of the bed, our main goal was the comfort of your best friend. Rest easy while on the go, knowing your fluffy pal is catching up on sleep instead of worrying where you are.

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✔ Especially Helpful To Relieve Stress Originating From Separation Anxiety


The Pawfect Bed to Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety!

Millions of dogs around the world suffer from anxiety daily.

Unfortunately, most jobs do not allow pets at work. So they get left behind at home every single day. Dogs are social animals and because of this separation, anxiety is easily induced.

Fortunately, we created a bed designed to put your fur baby at ease. Our thoughtfully designed high-walled round dog bed is sure to help minimize the effects of separation anxiety.

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Many businesses selling dog beds simply do not understand how the differences in quality and design dog beds can have. Not all dog beds are equal. In fact most do not provide any more benefits than sleeping on a towel. I really like what you guys have done with such an overlooked product. Anytime a customer comes into the clinic with a dog suffering from anxiety, I always and will continue to recommend the cozy calming dog bed from SomethingToStay.

Dr. Elizabeth Freaux, DVM

Head Veterinarian, Carson’s Veterinary Clinic.

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